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Monday, 12 April 2010

ALH84001 and Apex Chert ALICE

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ALH84001 and Apex Chert

Paul H bristolia at
Tue Aug 10 10:38:32 EDT 2004

ALH84001 and Apex Chert

Robert Verish wrote:

"Another characteristic that links Apex Chert and
ALH84001 is the controversy surrounding them, and
their claim to having evidence for microfossils."

In terms of the hypothesized microfossils found in
Martian meteorites, I found this:

Growing Tiny Totally Tubular Formations
Tucson (SPX) Jul 28, 2004

Growing tiny totally tubular formations
Public release date: 26-Jul-2004
Contact: Mari N. Jensen

The news release stated:

"Tubular structures found on a Martian meteorite
had been suggested as evidence of life, he said.

Goldstein pointed out that finding a chemical means
to grow such self-organizing systems highlights
the fact that living organisms are not needed to
create such structures.

"Such tubes can be generated and yet have nothing
to do with life," he said."

I am not taking sides on this issue, pro or con, just
pointing some interesting research. People can decide
for themselves what it means, if anything.


Baton Rouge, LA

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