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Monday, 5 April 2010

An embarrassment to us all (but mostly me)! Hi

An embarrassment to us all (but mostly me)!Hi

Paul H. oxytropidoceras at
Mon Apr 5 14:55:07 EDT 2010

Chris Peterson wrote:

“This nutjob posts on various astronomy forums.”

Yes, Ed Conrad is a nutjob. Unfortunately, there is nothing a
person can do about him, except ignore him. below is a
web page that discusses his claims in detail.

Carboniferous human bones -- an evaluation

Ed also claims that the folded Carboniferous strata, from
which his siderite concretions come, are part of an impact
crater. An excerpt from the Geologic Map of Pennsylvania, 1980,
compiled by Berg et al. (1980) of the area can be found at:

Chonosuke Okamura and Silurian Miniman

There was a Japanese paleontologist, who also went off
the deep end. He described from petrographic thin sections
what he though were miniature millimeter-sized remains
of various modern animals and fossil humans from Silurian
limestone. He published a couple of formal monographs
about his “discoveries.” In his thin sections, he also found
dragons, horrific denizens of the mini-world of Mount
Nagaiwa. and the “head of a miniman in the alimentary
canal of a dragon.”

For more information, go see:

1. Spamer, E. E., 1995, Chonosuke Okamura, Visionary,
Journal of Improbable Research. vol. 1, no. 4.

2. Abrahams, M., 2004, Tiny tall tales (Marc Abrahams
uncovers the minute, but astonishing, evidence of our
fossilized past.) The Guardian, March 16, 2004

3. Chonosuke Okamura

Some of the papers about Miniman are:

Okamura, Chonosuke, 1982, Period of the Far Eastern
minicreatures. Original Report of the Okamura Fossil
Laboratory. no. 14, pp. 165-346. Okamura Fossil
Laboratory. Nagoya, Japan.

Okamura-Chonosuke, 1987, New facts; Homo and all
Vertebrata were born simultaneously in the former Paleozoic
in Japan. Original Report of the Okamura Fossil Laboratory.
no. 15, pp. 355-573. Okamura Fossil Laboratory. Nagoya, Japan.


Paul H.

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